Taittinger at Kinobu

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Taittinger Champagne & Kyoto Cuisine – A Great Combination:

Cuisine Press has announced an upcoming MEETUP event to be held at Kinobu on Tuesday 27th November from 630pm to 9pm, showcasing Taittinger Champagne with traditional Kyoto cuisine, with master chef Takuji Takahashi.

Takuji Takahashi is the third generation master chef of Kinobu, a restaurant famous for its traditional Kyoto cuisine, established by the Takahashi family about 80 years ago. Although nowadays it is not unusual to find wine served with Japanese food, when Takahashi first proposed the idea of pairing wine with traditional Kyoto cuisine about 25 years ago, it was considered groundbreaking.

“In fact, it is champagne that works best with Kyoto cuisine,” says Takahashi, who does not hesitate in recommending the traditional French family-run champagne label of Taittinger as the most suitable wine pairing for his Kyoto cuisine.

And now you have the perfect opportunity to experience for yourself this pairing of Takahashi’s renown cuisine with Taittinger champagne at our next MEETUP. Calling out to all you foodies out there to please come along for this unique dining experience.

The meeting place will be Kinobu, in Kyoto’s Muramachi district.

Although Kinobu is a traditional Kyoto ryotei restaurant, when Takahashi took over the family business in the second half of 1990, he knew he was starting something quite new when he introduced a degustation course and paired it with a wine menu of his own devising.

At this MEETUP, through enjoying the tantalizing combination of flavors of master chef Takuji Takahashi’s fine dining and featuring the flagship label of the Taittinger collection, the Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs, we shall experience the world of champagne.

For this event, there is a limit of 15 people, so bookings are essential.

Cost: ¥30,000
Tasting Lineup:
> Taittinger Brut Reserve
> Taittinger Prestige Rose
> Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs
> Taittinger Prelude Grands Crus
Booking is through The Cuisine Press reservation system (no charge). Deadline for application is 4th November. Due to the expected high numbers of applicants, applications will be chosen by lot and advised by email by 7th November.

Translated from The Cuisine Press
Photo source: Harry Nakanishi, The Cuisine Press



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