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Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special is held annually in February. Here is an introduction to this year’s event from the Mayor of Kyoto, Daisaku Kadokawa.

Why is it held in February?

One of the prime winter attractions in the evolving city of Kyoto, the February-limited food event, Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special, will be held again.

This event has now reached the milestone of its tenth year, having gained great popularity year by year. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the shops that have participated and all the customers who have visited so far, for making it possible to hold this event again this year.

In this limited-to-February event of Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special 2019, a truly wide variety of 200 shops and restaurants, specializing in everything from long-established traditional cuisine, buckwheat noodles, eel and sushi, to Italian, French, and Western-style, to Kyotoites’ favorite griddle meat, ingenious up-and-coming innovative cuisine, to sweets, are all offering elaborate dishes using winter Kyoto ingredients with easy-to-understand pricing including taxes and service charges.

To commemorate the big tenth year, we have added these special programs: Firstly we have partnered with local sake breweries to recommend sake pairings with the dishes offered by participating stores, specially for this occasion. We hope you will relish Kyoto local sake. Secondly, we have teamed up with Ikyu Corporation to feature special accommodation plans so you can enjoy your dinner without worrying about time constraints. We hope these efforts will bring you a great pleasure and memorable experience in Kyoto.

Drawing wide attention internationally, Kyoto has been receiving more and more foreign visitors. We have our official website prepared in English as well, and are waiting for visitors from overseas.

We have been committed to the sustained growth of this event so that as many customers as possible take this opportunity to experience the food culture in Kyoto. Enjoy your meal at Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special 2019!

Authentic cuisine is all the product of artistic skills

Achieving great popularity every winter, our Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special event is starting this year again. I presume some our regular customers might have been waiting in anticipation.

Being loved by people living in Kyoto of course, and visitors from all over Japan and the world as well, this event has been evolving each year and has now reached the milestone of its tenth year. I would like to express my gratitude again to each store and all the people who have contributed to this event.

As on the previous occasion, we have a great variety of 200 shops and restaurants from time-honored to up-and-coming establishments, from Kyoto cuisine to Western-style and Chinese. On top of that, in commemoration of the tenth year we have prepared special accommodation plans in cooperation with approximately 27 hotels and inns in the city. We are sure that you will fully enjoy yourselves in Kyoto by dining and staying overnight.

With the clear winter air making the city even more full of charm, we hope all of you will create wonderful memories with delicious dishes in Kyoto.

Daisaku Kadokawa,
Mayor of Kyoto City

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